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FROM:    David y Wright, 71510,5364
DATE:    10-16-94 07:41 PM
not much news from here.

I’m running as write in for South Lyon Library board – got talked into to it when cadidate dropped out last month    .

I got temp job at Chrysler 3-6 months doing elect sys architecture. for ’99 Grand Cherokee
more toys for rich folks – demographics are 45+, male, $140k/annum, never been off pavement.
I’m bit nervous  about getting paid – been there week and no signed PO yet. Friday, I found out that it is a 4 way deal:  Chrysler to Bartech, to VI Engineering to Wyeknot – strickly 1099 subcontract.   I was under impression I only had one pimp to deal with. I’m not sure who is getting what, but looks like lots of mark up beeing added, and PO Request may have triggered Chrysler’s immune system.

I’m still trying to keep toon’s alive.  The Bartoon thing is some where between sucess and failure.
the folks at bar don’t rememeber to put the tape in machine and push play! result is few customers i have are pissed at me. so now owner is investing $3500 in programable controller & tape deck so fully automatic.
unfortunatly the guy who is doing installation is having trouble getting equipment, & I am suspicious that it may not really do what we want.

plans for new house are on hold – ran out of $ to pay architect
few hours on spend weekends puttering about at Frogtown. there are many dead trees lieing about. – I’ve dragged many to central spot using pickup truck. then chop – with ax – into 3′ sections to stack
part of it is to pretend like doing something useful, part to get them out of way so can cut underbrush, and part just exercise (least important).
We arn’t trying to clear land – just keep some paths open so we can walk thru woods.

I got WinCim a few weeks ago. I was having trouble uploading a couple of ZIP’ed  programs using ProCom Plus

nobody on forum could help, except to recomend WinCim.
much as I hate using windows programs – it seemed like most expedient way.
yes it is true connect time goes down per session , but my bill has quadrupled.
i think i get on about once a day now. mainly lurking on ASOFT forum.
i got one virtual job there – a bit of programing POCO [ a C extention used in animation program]
good for quick $240.

have you found any good lurking spots?

& Julie too


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