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No no snow

FROM:    David y Wright, 71510,536
DATE:    02-26-95 07:23 PM

woke up to 10 cm of new snow- mostly light fluffy easy shoveling -cept 0.5 meters wide strip at street – salt & city plow had made thick paste –
like wet concrete.  forcast is for sleet and nasties tonight & into tomarrow.  just took out garbage  – nice sunset.

3 hours with architect (Mark) and prospective builder (Ben) He was recomended by an aquaintence of Julie.  Long session. Ben seems to have lots of experience & relativly conservitive. Mark is young and inexperienced (reliativly) and full of enthuisam for new ideas.   so some –
how should i put this? – some difference of opinion?  Much to work out. not to mention what  we (Julie & me) want.

other stuff – got call from Grannie this morning – she thinks she will start moving into new place ~ march 1 – though N Seventh hasn’t sold yet. I think she is feeling some seperation discomfort, though she is still looking forward to moving.

Work is.    trying to stay out of the corporate politics – it would fill 10 or  20 paperback novels of who’s doing what to whom & why.  At Ford, golf was the climbers tool of choice.  At Jeep-Truck it is hunting.  Shooting deer with your boss is considered to be ultimate in brown nosing.  Its verrry bizzar.

Guy who sits (sat) behind me (Muhammad) went back to India to get married. 4 women picked out by his folks for him to chose from. He’s nice guy – polo has him in leg braces – but he gets around pretty good.  He got busted by Chrysler security for using his crutches – he is suppose to stay in his wheel chair – insurance or some other stupid policy.

love & smussh

Dave & Julie


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FROM:    David y Wright, 71510,536
DATE:    02-20-95 08:50 PM

It was Bobby McFarrin –  we went to see thursday night.  Wish you could have seen him – Grannie had a super time – Julie & me too.

I had a Jeep with a Navigation system in it  (home work) Grannie was  impressed that it knew her house.  She was very impressed that it knew the house had a yellow door. later she relized that  I was pulling her good leg when next stop had a yellow dot on the map too.

Grannie shared with us your letter – hope you don’t mind.   Large type was nice touch – even for me.
I got to get new reading glasses. my Bifocals suck for reading  not large enough field of view  I have to look down my nose. And my computer glasses won’t let me focus much closer than 16″.
Don’t know how to help you get through the changes. I think I feel a lot of the same things. Like when your mom took you west, maybe. I wanted to do something, but there didn’t seem anything that would work for everybody.
Now watching Mom move out of the old place – well I get lot of old ghosts haunting me – & I suspect a few more when I move out of here too…

But its not the house that is security – is it? I think that real security is something less tangable.
Still I depend on “STUFF”  to feel better. I tossed out a box of old technical magazines  last week – very traumatic & a bit liberating.   Just 45 more boxes to go.  I don’t know how much this stuff inside the house & inside my head is keeping me weighted down.

Working on charting next carreer move. It never seems to end.  Confusion at Chrysler buracracy. They can’t get the purchase orders out – which have to happen in order for me to invoice V.I. Engineering, which invoices Bartech Technical Services , which invoices Chrysler to get paid in
30 days to pay VI Engineering to pay Wyeknot ….
wart at mess.
my time at Chrysler is almost up and they still haven’t paid a nickle.

It is my belief that we have trigered the corporate immune system and it is attacking us

part of the cause may be due to lack of computers.
{I will attempt to xsplane}
When Bob of VI engineering was husseling me to Chrysler mid level engineering management – question asked was “would Chrysler have PC for me to work at, or should VI provied – at extra cost?”
Since PC’s are very rare and back ordered 6 months +  – mid management though they would be clever and order me – with 4 computers & software on side.
Unfortunatly due to mark ups of 2 pimps (10!% to 15% each} the total bill  for me (with silicon) came to something more than 2 fully loaded Grand Cherokee’s.  So some accountant started coughing up blood. Purchasing started hemoraging.  First purchase order gets caught in red rubber stamps because it exceed what they were suppost to pay for one (1) medium grey engineer. Said so in price list.  Why all the subtrafuge? Because purchasing in its infinite wisdom decided that was dealing with too many suppliers – so purchace order for me – one (1) medium grey engineer- must appear to come from Bartech – offical approved source of such items – not VI engineering or Wyeknot inc.  – not
having been approved, and not likely to be approved – ever.
Also Purchanging Agent who buys medium grey engineers is different than one who buys PC’s.  So, now PC PA is pissed at People PA for poaching. {bit heavy on the aliteration?}  Any way, all the petty pencil pushers are pouting, and I’m not getting paid. Poop!

I’m not sure I’m want to renew the contract – but  will keep at it. Bob @ VI has been pretty good about getting me some money (out of his busines) till now – I sure it will get straightened out some day.

Visted the architect Mark Luther Sunday.   He accepted job in Austraila – expects to leave in April. His wife Suzie is from there.  But we don’t have plans yet. Just a bunch of sketches- and they all don’t match.  Like  “this kitchen with that living room and that garage and the other stairs – but no, that won’t work with the basement….. ”   And now he has some more new ideas – very interesting stuff – solar cells powering a geothermal heat pump to radiant concrete floor slabs – second and third floor.  AIIIIIII!
time for reality check, Mark.  I’m not against progress – but trying out new ideas when he’s going to leave the country seems a bit risky.
Need to get thing moving. I can’t wait to apply for mortgage.  We got away with deal on land, I suspect because Julie had Park Davis going at time.  Now could be a bit diffrent. New job a Valinte should look ok – a lot less monthly income. bu maybe my Chrysler stuff will look good – if there is any income on the books. Most what Banks want to see is steady income – not wild up and down swings – or in our case – down and down.  more grinning I guess.

got to go – Julie just got home

lot of love


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Oh oh snow

FROM:    David y Wright, 71510,536
DATE:    02-15-95 08:12 PM

Stay inside ! stay off the streets! stay warm!

We’re just coming out of major cold spell – sub

0 F nights
today was into 40’s
mostly been moderatly chilly – minimal snow –

Got me new key board – is my typing better?
was having funky keys – cat hair,

and coffee are not compatible with switches

Got Julie some Syntetic rock (quartz/epoxy) frogs for her birthday. We saw them at builders show – she liked.   Grannie is taking us to Jamie McFarland thurs nite.

Did I tell you Julie got her black belt? – now

she’s teaching a class – thru march –

Looks like I’ll be working up CTC (Chrysler Technical Center) – Auburn hills –  Looks like another 20 minutes on road each way –
Contract is only till end of March – But if I can prolong it, I should try – money is steady and don’t have anything better going at moment. Just
But need to get cash for Stagnant Waters –

would very much like to break ground by May.
would likely do serious damage to marriage if we have to stay here much longer.

May have scam with current pimp to start new flim – flam.   bit- O -background:  Big 3 + tear apart some 30 or more competitive cars every year.  Mainly parts are weighed and mounted to 4’x8′ sheet of plywood. Sort of like Biology 101.

Usually nothing is learned – especially electrical/electronic because mechanics don’t know or care if they stumble across something new.  Chrysler is about to spend > $350K to disassemble 3 vehicles – Explore, 4Runner, & Lexus ($60K) [no they won’t be re assembled – just trashed].   They are going to consulting firm in New Jersey – because they couldn’t find a compentent local source.
So I identified niche market – Bob Jacobs –

owner of VI engineering & my current pimp is interested & may have resources  to pull some thing like this off.  Could be fun for year or two – may even make couple of $.

Julie is starting to look for work in Jackson or Lansing or where ever. Ride into Madison heights is rough and she is really whipped at end of day.  She really needs to get an hour nap mid day or so.

Cat is still crapping and pissing in basement, making me real grumpy – had so many trips to vet, she has her own parking spot.

Got pluming snaked out last weekend. The stench had become unbearable – had dumped about $100 in chemicals down – last was sulphuric – produces hydrogen sulphide gas when it reacts with shit. nearly kill me, the cat & marriage.  So finally rented 100′ snake – a lot like ice fishing- but less fun. got roots  @ about 60′
Sure there more but brain is dead –

Love to all

Dave & Julie

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