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FROM:    David y Wright, 71510,536
DATE:    03-12-95 06:04 PM

good week end – weather has given us a break – sunny & warm – snow is mostly melted – cept in shadows
went out to Frogtown and walked about.
getting next list of changes ready to submit to Mark – the architect.
I think we will have serious problem – he won’t have plans ready by the time he leaves for Australia – he thinks he will – but too many things need to be worked out –

mass birthday party at Maud’s – Grannie et al

We went back to 516 and all ended taking some stuff – still lots to go but looking much emptier. Grannie was pleased. I got your copy of Dad with violin- signed by David Knox. There is a giant one in garage – we need to find a home for that.

How’s plans for your trip back coming?   Be aware that Grannie plans to be out of 516 early April.  Got couch here – and sure there are some other places for you to crash – just don’t want to see you sleeping on streets.
hope all is going well

lot of love

Dad & Julie


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