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Spring Thaw

FROM:    David y Wright, 71510,536
DATE:    04-23-95 08:51 AM

Looks like the thaw is starting – still dips into freeze some nites. but think have seen last real snow this season.

Bought a 50 lb bag of feed for deer – $7.50  Julie had been taking bags of carrots and apples to Frogtown.  She wanted to go Easter pm – but all stores closed. She was going thru the freeze looking at packages of Oriental vegies with Woo Who sauce and such.  I tried to ‘splane that most wild animals were not gourmets and any way they didn’t have microwaves.
{I suspect the stuff is scarfed by squirels and field mice}

Camera is back together – I think I works as before.  Was perplexed seemed to be missing screw – inside. may have never been installed – or perhaps came out.  I mended with one salvaged from old panasonic cassette tape player that died years ago. I don’t think that justifies keeping all this trash – but part is not something you find at corner hardware.   Also mended cracked case at tripod mount. Used a glue/filler named “Goop”.  Comes in several flavors – I think Marine is most versitile.  Smell like it has some nasty petrol distillates in it.   but drys very tough – less brittle than most epoxies and seems to stick better under many conditions.

Frank – from AeroData – gave me up grade to 3D Studio – He owed me some money from job last year – so I think we’ll balance books.  I need to spend some time learning – and thinking about how to get some paying jobs.

I’m getting very nervous about the Chrysler job.  Should relax.

Me – I need some new Ideas for what to do.

more soon

love Dad & Julie


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