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Long Day

FROM:    David y Wright, 71510,536
DATE:    07-12-95 08:03 PM

Back after long day on road.
Went to Holland (MI) to visit W.H. Porter, manufacture of stress skin panels we have been planning on using. We wanted to review blue prints and get some help with detail that were fuzzy since Mark (Mr Architect) left for Australia.  My recolection was that Mark kept telling us that W H would do this and do that “no problem”  But I was begining to have my doubts.
The folks there were extremely nice – expecial Jim Steiger. Jim has just finished building his own house out of the stuff. Unlike us, he actualy build it with his own hands. And he was extreamly honest – told us about the competitive companies, what other materials we might consider  And he didn’t laugh (out loud) when we rolled out the prints.
Basicly he told us we need a new architect – one with experience – and one that will ask questions if he doesn’t know how something work – not just make it up as he goes. It pretty much means our plans are crap at the moment. Jim gave us the name of an architect in Ann Arbor that has experience – maybe he can salvage the plans. Also there is a seminar in Lansing on this stuff next Thursday. I think I’ll go and learn as much as I can .
Another wrinkle is the guy Mark left to do the CAD work – Amr – refuses to give us copies of the existing drawing files. He claims they contain trade secrets on how he does drawings. I know he is wrong – but short of physical or legal violence I’m not sure we can do much.

We also looked at a building in Muskeegon (1 hr detour) that had aluminum panels on it that we had seen in a brochure. The picture was cool.
But by now the stuff had weathered and looked pretty ratty in places.   A varrient of stucco – Parex or Dri-vit ? may be what we end up with.
We’ve rejected most “normal” skins for estectic or practical or dumb reasons.

We are both bummed at the moment – looks like at least a couple more months delay and more money and….
But, we both are relieved that we took the time and got our dose of reality now – not later when the walls are going up and the builder goes


Other wise – we just moved back into a hot muggy phase after a cool dry one. Keep hearing “isn’t it an unsualy hot (cold) summer?”   Maybe it’s just me – but I remember the weather as  always being weird, year round.

Berries [razz] are out at Frogtown. Julie is a berry pig. Before we get the gate unlocked she stuffed her face. Actualy she probly only gets 1/4 cup  in an afternoon. But she gets lots of kicks eating stuff that grows out of the ground. I’m still on diet of thing that grow in tanks of petro chemicals and in dark corners of refridge.

Lots of new wild flowers are poping up in field. There are even a few in the plot I planted. There are a couple of deer beds in the far south end of field – we startled a couple of them naping few weeks back. Haven’t seen to many other critters – a rabbit now & then and a chip munk. I’m sure there’s more – but the growth is so dense they can hide easy.

More soon

Dave (& Julie)


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