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Falling Further

FROM:    David y Wright, 71510,536
DATE:    09-29-95 09:56 AM

heard on radio words about why leafs change color –
latest theories are trees need rain and warm sunny days to produce sugars in leaves  which turns into caratenoids (yellows) and antrhocinaceds (reds and oranges)  (or some bio-chemicals)- and cool nights – so stuff can’t excape leaves..

But as to WHY – nobody knows why they do it.

it has turned warm again and been dry – so perhaps I was hasty on my predection for extreame colors – so far it has be gradual and subltle – yet very far – should quite trying to analize and just enjoy, eh?

The secret of the cube:
as I said to Freud: “Can’t a penis just be a penis?”

are the answers to Rorscharch Tests in the back of the book?

keep asking good questions




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What Goes Up

FROM:    David y Wright, 71510,536
DATE:    09-11-95 08:20 AM

Greetings from middle age and west

I know you’ve just been sitting at your screen waiting to find out if we survived roofing the pole barn

You can relax.
The job is done (almost)  It took all day Saturday to get 18 pieces up and  nailed in place.  Why we have 3 extra pieces is a mystery. I suspect there is a serious deficiency in my HP calculator (or the operator).

There were no major injuries. We stopped at a petrol station on the way home to borrow the air hose.  135 psi  re-inflated my flattened left thumb.

You’d think an intelligent life form would stop after the third or fourth whack. I have cleverly devised a method of using small pair of Vice-Grips to hold nail while flailing about. We only have one pair of Vice-Grips. As you will kindly recall, Julie now has her own hammer. She also has the Vice-Grips. As The Macho of the species I can nail much faster using only my fore finger and opposing thumb for holding. It should be obvious which is the more intelligent of the species.

Sunday we installed the flashing (a 10″ wide strip of aluminum ) on the peak.  When professionally installed, flashing should be smooth and straight. Ours resembles well crinkled aluminum foil.

Several  birds stopped by to offer critiques.

We got some Rust-O-Lum for touch up. Julie paints neatly.   I prefer a wider brush.
Despite the width of the brush, this morning I discovered grey paint in my navel
The original section that was formerly red needs a second coat. It is now grey with red stripes (or red with grey stripes) I think it is attractive, and if we can encourage the birds – should soon blend in.

We also redid the floor. A few more joists had fallen. The original builder used “previously installed” wood. I am now convinced this was not an attempt to be “Green” or politically correct. He was just cheap. With out electricity, one either uses a hand saw, or pick the closest size piece
from the pile (or use the chain saw – my personal favorite ) At any rate, many of the pieces do not fit quite as snugly as they might. Half inch gaps were common. 1/4 inch of nail penetration was also common. I bought some oversized spikes – I think they are also used to hold rails to the ties. This also presents a bigger target for the hammer.

I’m now safely at home – munching a bowl of asprins and typing with my one good finger.

It actually was mostly fun, and we did have some time to swing in the hammock.

lots of love

Dave (& Julie)

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FROM:    David y Wright, 71510,536
DATE:    09-08-95 11:23 AM

Weather here has suddenly turned cool – almost cold – expect 40s down from 80-90s

Spent labor day week end laboring on hot tin roof.

Left work early with Julie to get sheets of metal and wood for bracing.

Pole barn roof was beginning to sag noticeably, and a critical brace had come loose.
the plywood and OSB (oriented strand board, if you care) roof and floors were warped mildewed and rotting. If structure is to last through winter needs emergency major surgery.

At the Chelsea Lumber yard they were quite helpful, helping us buy more materials than we could afford.

The kids who helped us load the pickup didn’t know about center of gravity (I discover – after I begin to move). Fortunately, we were still in yard – with the help of  the fork lift and some rope, we re”secured” the 16 foot floppy metal sheets in the 8 foot bed.
The 10 miles to Frogtown took half an hour.

I got Julie her own hammer. She wanted a pink one, but they don’t seem to come in designer colors yet.

We used a manual post hole digger for center support 4×4 x 16 column. This took 2 days – as  we were digging between floor joist, and hole had to be enlarged to angle wood in and down. A large root that wandered into hole also impeded progress.
As I was nailing top to ridge pole I discovered a wasp nest. Actually they discovered me.

Seems they were unhappy about new construction so close to area zoned “Insect Residential”. Inspection revealed at least 8 occupied condos.

I rezoned with Ortho “Bug-B-Gone”. About 50 kg of ozone depleting aerosol.

We got up two 6 foot sections by Monday night. They look like bad case of chicken pox. Julie is much better with hammer than I.

We now only have the 20 sixteen foot sections to put up. This will be exciting. The two of us struggle to move one sheet on level ground.
Standing on a section, we discovered the surface is coated with Teflon. The edges slice through our leather work gloves. I am practicing Tele-a-Kinetic Levitation.

Quit working for Larry Tuesday. I regret getting angry. But no longer could tolerate working conditions. I knew how he treated employees before I agreed to help him, but had hoped things would be different – as we were friends. Shame.

I need to use the experience to

  1. make sure I try not to treat others like he does
  2. (it is easy to be an insensitive know it all)
  3. find some better form of self defense, and practice behavior modification.
  4. make some plans about what to do next.

Dave (& Julie too)

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