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Falling Out More

FROM:    David y Wright, 71510,536
DATE:    10-26-95 09:24 AM
Scott Lunn of the bank called last night.  He thinks things look very good for the construction loan!  Odds are now better than 85%.
Still a few step in approval process so am trying not to get over confident. (I don’t want to think about having to pay off the note….so I won’t – yet)

I’m going to optometrist today.  I need to get some new reading/computer glasses.  The last set of glasses – one bifocals – long distance and reading – suck. the reading portion is too small to do any serious reading. I have look down my nose and move the book around.
The computer glasses work ok at 24″ to 36″  but I can’t read instruction manuals at 12″ .
So this time I’m going to try to get bifocals for short and medium distances.

I’d almost consider the surgery where they pluck out the eyes and regrind them. But I get queezy in stomach.  Bet it costs more than a pick up truck too.




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Falling Out

FROM:    David y Wright, 71510,536
DATE:    10-21-95 02:35 PM

Spent Thursday night at Frogtown- put up tent and made a camp fire. It was unseasonably warm – 60’s  and I thought the wind would blow the tent to Ohio.
Cold front got here Friday morning – just as I got things packed up. Rain and more wind. Possible mixed with snow tonight.

I put out 100 pounds of carrots for deer – they’re not hungry yet – but I’m trying to lure them away from state land  where things get very perilous for them. Bow season first and guns soon after.

Saw a racoon. It scurried up a tree when I got close. We watched each other for few minutes before he decided he had more important business to attend to.

A little green left – but lots of bare branches too.

Wednesday I went to several seminars  about the Internet. Seems like there is quite a lot of  activity localy. I was trying to scope out

  1. is there any substance?
  2. any way to cash in?

answers seem to be generaly no & yes.

one speaker showed (among other things) a program that played real time (almost) audio from net thru PC.  He got to NPR home page and clicked on “Morning Edition”  After 10 15 seconds an almost intellegible Will Shore begins repeating this morning’s news – which I had heard twice already on WDET.   I raised my hand

“With two thousand dollars for a computer, modem, sound card,  soft ware and conect fees  – I can
listen to the radio ? I don’t get it.”

The guy tried to explain what a great technical achievement it was. THAT I get.

I went to the book store to do some home work – bought couple magazines – Wired and InterNet World  to see what latest hype was. Wired gives me a headache – like punk music,  I don’t think I can relate to cyberpunk, too loud for my old ears.

I bought  a couple of books ” Making Money on the Internet” and “Silicon Snake Oil”
First book  is primer of some basics and not as the cover of the book sounds “…the one book you must have!”
I’m about 1/3 of the way through “SSO” & like it a lot.  Clifford Stoll also wrote “The Cuckoo’s Egg” – a real & exciting internet spy story.

I’m not sure what to make of all this – so far e-mail seems to be major benefit – I seem to be able to use it better than the phone, eh? Maybe not better – but more frequently than snail mail or the phone.

The folks who made money during the gold rush last century were the ones selling shovels and other necessities. Like Levi Strauss.
So how can I sell Silicon Snake Oil?  Every body needs to oil their Silicon Snake once in a while, don’t you think?

There seems to be a growing market for Home Page design and programing. Techno juju for the newbies and wannabies.

or not

need to do more home work

We meet Louie Marr – the builder and John Barrie – the architect, tomorrow at Frogtown. We are going to put the stakes in the ground –
marking (future) corners of the house.
Sent reams of paper to the bank last week. I’m putting our odds of getting the money at less than 50%. But I don’t tell Julie this. She doesn’t seem to like to think about negative possible outcomes. But who does? Trying to be optimistic – there is a better than 40%  chance we will get the loan.

I better get moving – need to shower and get ready for the party

lot of love

your old man

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Falling Around

FROM:    David y Wright, 71510,536
DATE:    10-25-95 06:31 AM

more roller coster weather – high winds and cold yesterday – expect sunny and mild.
Sunday started out rainy and cold early afternoon turned sunny. hard to know how to dress
But keeps life interesting.

We met Louie – the builder at Frogtown for Stake Out Party.
After some discussion, we moved location about 10 – 15′ to South and rotated 5-10 degrees counter clockwise.
like on 26 acres a couple of feet are a big deal.

Took more financial statements to bank. Odd are now bit more than even.

Monday nite met with Laura Bauer – the kitchen lady and Louie’s sister. runs a small kitchen design biz out of her house on W Liberty in AA
I think we got that part of the plan almost under control.

We need to start looking seriously at bath and plumbing fixtures.
and re-examine our floor options.

love Dad

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Falling Up

FROM:    David y Wright, 71510,536
DATE:    10-14-95 07:41 PM

is the difference between falling and flying control?

we have a carpet of leaves in front – was in 80’s yesterday and quite blue sky
today is cool -amost cold and drizley –
meteorology is  manic – depressive.
I’m enjoying the changes – and the colors

the mower deck frooze up  – yesterday I intended to mend it. I got it off the tractor without too much strain.  The top was covered 2″ with cuttings and some new plants – 1/4″ were growing on it. I found some string wound around the middle blade spindle – I got as much of it off as I could,  but it still didn’t turn freely. I took off the top cover and found the space for  the pullies and belt packed with black organic material.   I thought I could remove the spindle to clean it up. But after removing the cotter pin,  nut and set screws it was still frozen to the pulley. I thought I could tap
it out with a hammer. BIG mistake. the top of the spindle peened over, and the pulley cracked. now its worse off than before    I took it to local shop – they may be able to mend it. I knew better – but was just too much in a hurry and/or not thinking – sigh you’d think I’d have learned by now.

I hope that it getts fixed before snow – part of keeping the medow/wildflower field thing  managed is periodic mowing – keeps fine tunes the balance or some such – according to some books.

I got off light on the poison ivy during chain saw surgery- just some on left arm (so far)
took 6 hours hard work – path is clear again. I suspect that this will happen fairly regulary –

We posted 20 or so more “No Hunting” signs – and have put out some feed for deer. We saw a couple of deer across the field as we were coming back.

Going to help Julie today with a customer – just putting in some network cards. manual labor

Thursday went to lecture – Eric Martin – “Start Anywhere: The Digital Revolution from an Animator’s Perspective”
I got a few fragments:
– interactive animation/multimedia/games -> Author gives up control to audience
Multi party or group authoring of things –
Stories that change as you read them – the text before and after … {I think it was Gibbson who published a very expensive highly limited edition – it was a story on floppy that erased it self as it was read. – new twist on dissapearing ink}
“Content is inversly proportional to resolution” & “Eye Candy” … High resolution pictures with no merit other than high resolution..?
simular to turn of century diaramas, 3D films and Holography – interesting but wheres the “art”
Home Pages on net for everybody – Amimated (& sound) icons that take you to other sites….
We (who?) need to Reinvent Democracy in Cyberspace – concepts of privacy and ownership etc are different.


Dad (& Julie)

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Still Falling

FROM:    David y Wright, 71510,536
DATE:    10-09-95 09:43 AM

oddly enuff we are at only 30%  change – still lots of green – heavy winds (last blow of  Opal) and rains have removed much of the color changed leaves.
also took down big piece of tree at Frogtown – blocking one of the walking paths – I’m going out today or tomorrow to play doctor with chain saw. Delicate surgery. Area is filled to capacity with poison ivy. much of it is dead – but still dangerous.

Julie & I went out yesterday to carpet & tile store – we selected some very nice stuff – in taup (dirt) hues – Then the nice lady gave us the prices – twice our allowance!

( The builder – Louie Marr – gives us a price for the house. He also gives us an allowance for things like carpets & kitchen cabinets, etc. We can spend more. But…) So we are going to rethink our floor covering strategies – like knotty plywood or dirt maybe. Indoor Japanese Sand Garden perhaps.

We went to our accountant -Jimm Carry-  Saturday – we haven’t been for long time. He is getting our ’94 taxes ready (we’ve been on extention)

good news is we get back a few bucks. The bad news is we didn’t make much money in ’94. Jim is really concerned that the bank may not be willing to loan us the money we need for the house – based on ’93/94 incomes. He is going to call the loan officer to help explain our unique situation (feed them some bull)
This has Julie upset – like we may not get the house for a while. I’m not as pesimistic. I think she is also very concerned that I’m not working at “regular” job, but she hasn’t exactly come out and said so. We have been told by many that this is very stressful situations for marriages. It is. I suspect it will get more so. I must learn to listen, and hopeful say and do supportive things.

I keep writing negative sounding things- It shouldn’t be so – much progress is happening – the glass is 0.51 full… and getting fuller.

weather today is predected to be good – mid 60’s and dry.

I got preliminary 3D wireframes for Spa toon done – Stills rendered looked very good –
Hot tub proved a bit of chalange – top is key hole shaped – circle with bit of rectangle protuding for steps down. Getting rounded corners and detail took a couple of tries. but quite statisfying when done.

Meeting schedualed thursday with architect and builder – will discuss kitchen – I think we will be under alowance there.

Got Dan’s stone ball floating – about 6″ diameter granite ball. – 12 lbs. Spins very nice on its own – movement is “chaotic” goes slow to fast and
changes direction and spins and rotates different directions at the same time. It would be very mesmerixing – except for the noise from vacumm cleaner – thats one of next challenges – finding an inexpensive and quiet air pump. Also need to work on finding more precise balls –
very small deviations in spheriosity means much bigger air requirements.

must get back to work

love Dad

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