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FROM:    David y Wright, 71510,536

DATE:    11-27-95 11:04 AM

Re:    Copy of: clouds

this has nothing to do with clouds – but i couldn’t think of any subject
got computer back up yesterday
installed two 850 Mb drives  [replacing the failing single 540] Had to do some rewiring – not enough power cables for all the drives.
bit of trivia – most machines with BIOS pre 1994 do not support drives bigger than 540.
mine is 1990 I am presenly using utility that came with drives -“Onetrack” -that fakes out the BIOS  I’m not real comfortable with band aid – if the key file gets erassed corrupt – harddrive are inaccessable.  So I am waiting for new BIOS chip in mail – hate to opperate again – but seems like best solution for now.  I keep wanting new super machine – but got stay real.

Current plan is to close Friday with bank  (on construction loan – final mortgage is much later)
Final contract  with builder is tomorrow or Wed – costs are still up in air (or beyond) –
Julie is starting to get real up tight over money, and my lack of steady income. Fear of unknown, I guess. I’m not as scared – very concerned, mind you – I can’t bring myself to start looking for a gerbil job again. Not yet, anyway.  I’m making some more attempts at marketing, and keeping an eye out for next fish. Got to keep working on techniques and things should be ok.

Well – better get back to doing the Hustle

love & smootches

Dave (& Julie too)


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Days Ja View

FROM:    David y Wright, 71510,536

DATE:    11-22-95 10:58 AM

Re:    Copy of: days ja view

wow  it’s been 5 years since Fiji

I’m taking Julie out to dinner tonight. We are trying to keep extravagances down to minimum

Had meeting with builder and architect Monday – plans are nearly done. Schedual to break ground (not wind) December 11 .. THIS YEAR!  Still have not signed all offical documents with bank or contract with builder – but proceeding as if all was in place. sort of scarry.

Hope this place can last the winter – just got the plastic over the windows to keep wind & snow snow out –


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Our discontent with winter

FROM:    David y Wright, 71510,536

DATE:    11-17-95 09:30 AM

Re:    Copy of: our discontent with winter


heard we have “Snow Advisery” for this afternoon…. 2-3 inches
what? I thought we needed 2-3 feet before anybody noticed.
must be getting wimpy

Progress with house is slow.  Got news from bank that only way we can cop a mortgage is a varriable rate. Something about not fitting some
profile.  Julie is upset. But we may not have a choice. I’m not as pessimistic.

not much other news at moment – whats happening out there?

love Dave – & Julie

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Wonder Winter Land

FROM:    David y Wright, 71510,536
DATE:    11-08-95 11:15 AM

more light snow expected soon – not enough to ski but enuf to prohibit bare feet

Mucho papers re house –  got a bundle from company that manages Wyeknot’s pension and  profit sharing plan.   – Plan is to borrow money from those accounts for down payment on construction loan. This is somehow legal and avoids taxes on something. I don’t get it.
Then more papers to bank to have them check up on us for loan. Even though they already have copies of every document we could find. I don’t get it.
I’m trying to get this phase complete by 15th of this month – so actual work can start sometime in this millennium. Julie is not confident that will happen. It seems like things are out of our control. I do not like that feeling.  I think partly it is because I do not understand all the  Bankeese and Financial Speak. Kinda like going into a restaurant where the menu is in a strange laguage, and although the people are nice – you haven’t got a clue as to what you are about to consume.
Still, it is exciting …

more later
Dad – (& Julie too)

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Falling Down

FROM:    David y Wright, 71510,536
DATE:    11-06-95 10:07 AM

Friday I went out to Frogtown to meet the Louie (builder) and Fred (electric co) to plan connect to lines. Louie didn’t make it but Fred & I muddled through. lines will be underground so as not to spoil ambiance. found a path through woods that didn’t involve any large trees.
I stayed and worked out with chain saw. It was snowing lightly and I had on my plaid flanel shirt, eh?

Saturday night I met Julie and her client  PM & his wife for dinner She had been working all day installing Email – after dinner I went back to their office to help. We left after midnite. I hate computers. Julie had to go back Sunday.

I’m sure there is more to tell, but my brain isn’t working well. need some coffee.

let us know whats happening on west coast

Love Dave (& Julie)

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