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Terminal Velocity

FROM:    David y Wright, 71510,536
DATE:    12-31-95 01:54 PM

Re:    Copy of: terminal velocity

Dear et al
we had get together at Kathy & Jon’s  last night

your presence was greatly missed.

Kathy did ALL the cooking – much food, and good too.

We did the present thing. Sam was wired. But the other two, Del & PJ,  kept things in perspective.

real good time

Kathy got Julie this realy cool door mat – “Fiji Fish”  I think we should frame it .

and Jon made me a way cool mail box. It’s a frog. He made feet with flippers, and eyes on top (from kid’s rubber ball) and hand painted whole
thing. Oh, it has a long – 12″s – red tongue.
I’m not sure if we will put it out on road. I afraid the locals may shoot it or some other harm may come to it. But very cool.

Julie has a cold or some bug – so we cancled or post poned till next week, a visit to her Gramma Helen & Grampa Cass (on east side). They
were dissapointed. Julie is their favorite grand kid.  Also we will skip party tonight – some kung fu friends of Julie’s. I won’t miss that.

We broke our vow of no presents to each other. Julie did first!  She got me a cool sun dial ring watch. and a piza cook book. Then she bought
me some warm boots – big rubber ones, like the construction guys wear. And then she bought me some cross country skis!  Julie already had
some – but hasn’t used in years. This is suppose to get me back into shape. We took them out to frog town. I had visions of skimming smoothly
around the property and gliding down the road to visit the neighbors.
I nearly died.
I had to stop every 50 feet or so.
That wasn’t a problem because I fell every 45 feet.
This is very different than down hill.    It is more like up hill.
By the third day out I was up to 75 feet between pauses.

I retaliated by buying a new mattress for the water bed.  Julie has been complaining that the old one was two soft and causing her back
problems ( I figured my stiff back was due to old age)
So I got one. It, by comparison,  is like laying on a slightly moist bag of cement. Nothing moves.
I think it will take a while to get use to.
I miss the old motion – sort of like living on a boat – in typhoon season.
The support means you can now sit up and read in bed – which is good – because Julie’s cold (doubtless, brought on by this cross country
craze) and needs to stay in bed.
It actualy seems to be better for the back – I wake up less stiff (if we haven’t been xcountry’ing)
I’m sleeping on my back more.
So now my snorring is keeping Julie awake.

We seem to make progress, but slowly.

Trust all is well out there.
we send lots of love and smushy stuff

Dave (& Julie)


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RE:Going down down down

FROM:    David y Wright, 71510,536
DATE:    12-21-95 09:21 AM

Re:    Copy of: Re: going down down down

As for us being a “role model”   well, I think you have chosen poorly, but we are extreamly flattered.

As for being exciting,  it is way past exciting. More like terrifying. I’m basically a coward.  There are so many things  going on – and so many decisions to make.  I bought more than 10 books and borrowed as many more on subject. and many magazines. I even took course to get builders license  – and took the test – and past – and have a card that says I’m a license builder.  Yet,  I feel totaly clue less.  One of ther reasons why we hired a real builder.
One thing  we kept hearing from others – first hand and “hear say”  was that it would be a big stress on marriage.  Yep.  So far we have done pretty well, I think. We have a long way to go yet. Julie is very good and patient with me. She only has  flipped out once – a few days before we closed. Me not having any decernable income is a big concern.

Went out Frogtown about 3pm yesterday.  Met Joe and Dan – two young carpenters. They were nailing 2x8s for footing forms.
Safu – our neighbor – 3 houses down (1/4 mile) came by to help me watch. Safu lives with wife Judy in house made from barn. He is originaly from Pakistan, she from England. He has a small 2 seat air plane, he flys out of his back yard. He took me up last summer. very cool. He even let me drive some.  He flys for Korean Air and is gone for several weeks at a time, then off for a bit. They are having a neighborhood party tomarrow.  Very nice folks.

Louie – the builder – showed up with five  4″x 8′  PVC pipes in his pickup. Safu & I carried them to the hole in the ground.
They are for drainage, should basement ever get flooded.  We also put fiberglass in the forms to keep the ground warm. Louie is very good about explaining things and letting me help some, if I don’t get in the way too much.
Louie looked through the transit while Joe held a tape on the forms. Louie would holler “Up  three eighths!” or “Down one and five sixteenths!
Give it two twacks!”  Dan would pry up form and nail it to stake or pound on it with sledge as required.
We worked (actually they worked, I watched) until it got dark and hard to see. It was snowing lighlty – big flakes and things were getting covered.
Today, they will put the 5/8″ rebar in and get an inspector to ok work. Friday – if weather holds, they will fill forms with concrete, cover with straw and let sit for holidays.  There is lots more concrete work to do – north side footings and garage. But things must be done in specific sequence to provide stable foundation. Louie seems to have it together.

I better get moving. I have a  “Notice of Commencement” to get notarized and posted, before The Inspector gets to Frogtown.

hope you have a peaceful Ho-Ho.

lots of Love

Dave (& Julie)

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Going Down Down Down

FROM:    David y Wright, 71510,536

DATE:    12-19-95 08:10 PM

We finally broke ground! Monday at about 9:15 EST

Dave K  and Bob ? came out to Frogtown with a big yellow digger.
When I was a kid it was called a  “steam shovel” although they hadn’t been steam powered for many decades.
any way they scooped up the sand and deposited it in 5 or 6 big piles around the house.
Dave pilot’d the digger – caterpillar treads and hydraulic arm with bucket. He was VERY good – used it his hand.
Bob stood in hole with stick. it had a gizzmo that beeped when it was same height as laser on tripod

I helped Louie putting  a couple of stakes in ground.  He used spray paint on ground to mark the walls
also had to knock down a couple small trees


Dave & Julie

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Ha. Bum Hug.

FROM:    David y Wright, 71510,536

DATE:    12-12-95 05:58 AM

Re:    Copy of: Ha. Bum Hug.

very cold these past couple of days.  wind chill -30 there is frost on inside of window over sink
the only one I didn’t get plastic over.  haven’t found any new holes to fill with caulk – but have a couple of cans of spray foam ready.
only 2-3″ of snow but wind is moving it into mounds. and keeps pushing it back on sidewalk & drive way

Last Friday it was still mild   Julie & I  went out to Frogtown. The snow was just starting to cover things – no moon or stars visible – but enough light snuck through the clouds that we could see our way without flash lights. Very Quiet. Could hear the snow!
We walked around – put out some more deer feed ( I think the crows are eating it )

The builder had been out – put up several signs:  one with address (presumably so subs can find the place), one that says “Danger – Keep Out – Construction Area”  and one that  says  “Custom Homes by L.F. Marr  Julie wants to tell our new  neighbors we will really start building soon –
but I think they know.

Saturday night Julie took me to see Alisa Mariset (?)  downtown Detroit.  I’m getting old. I don’t remember getting frisked at a concert. opening “band” was Judy – 3 mid pubesent guys, very loud and not very lyrical. I could not distinguish between any of the numbers they performed.
The main act was loud too. but some of the lights things were pretty. I probably would have enjoyed  it more if I had brough my chain saw hard hat – with the 120 db ear muffs. I was happy to get home.

Sunday afternoon we went back to Frogtown.  Julie had made some pinecones for the birds.  a nasty looking mixture of bird seed, peanut butter and Crisco covering them. The lard had been in the cupbord for several eons, and smelled something like the inside of my shoes. I am conserned we will get busted by Humane Society or EPA for distributing these things.
Julie took her cross country skis  They haven’t been used for 10 years. She shuffeled around the preimeter of the field. I’m not certain it looked like fun.  I may get brave and try it at a later date.
It was real cold – so we came home and made pizza.

Barbara Marr – (Mrs Builder) called yesterday to let me know that we still don’t have building permit. The permit czar was on vacation so things stagnated. So new schedual is to start 12/18.
The cold weather can delay things  I guess the men and machines can’t work below 10. Not much we can do about it.  This is Michigan – I expect highs in 80’s next Monday. The US Meterological Service does not share my optimism.

love Dad (& Julie too)

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Take 5/ Want Ads

Subj:  Announcement            Section: Take 5/Want Ads

Monday December 04 1995 07:45:09 AM
From:  David Wright, 71510,536
Friday we closed with the bank.
All went well – we must have signed 20 pieces of papers and initalled 40 others.
It always was bothered me about the closing. The bank was loaning us money, but we were the ones that had to bring the check.  It seemed backwards.
After all the phone calls about closing fees, and points and this and that charges,  it turned that the cashiers check they told me to bring was
$57.16  too much.
Not to worry – they made change.  It just about paid for dinner.

all the best


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