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Afraid of Clowns?

Afraid of clowns? Seems odd, but maybe plausible.
Actually, I don’t have any recollections as early feelings about clowns one way or other. I seem to remember Clarabell on Howdy Doody as being inane – not particularly funny.  In fact – I don’t remember any of the TV clowns – Bozo, that Twin Pines Nerd – Milky, Soupy Sales, Mr Green Jeans…  as being very funny.  Early signs of not getting it – I suppose.

I think I’m getting frustrated about work.  The software project is getting messy. I reluctantly sent out a  resume.
I’m haven’t yet given up on ‘toon business, but need to be realistic.

perhaps today’s rain will end soon and I’ll take a drive out to Frogtown.

love Dad


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