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Wandering Son

FROM:    David y Wright, 71510,536
DATE:    7/26/96 8:23 AM

Just got phone call from Justin
He’s fine and having lots of adventures etc.

Unfortunately, Julie had to wake me up to take the call (7:30 am) and I can’t remember many details.
But he has found shelter most places and been eating good – so I guess we shouldn’t worry too much.

Julie & I are in process of packing boxes and trying to move – house is 98% –

I borrowed trailer from Paul.  We spent 3 hours fixing running lights. How difficult  can 4 wires be?

Didn’t get 1 mile out of South Lyon and hitch came unhitched.  No real damage, ‘cept snapped safety chain.  I must have not had it on ball correctly – I hope.  Any way made rest of trip at speeds that caused tractors to pass us.

I think we should be “living” there sometime in next 2 weeks


Dave (& Julie too)


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Cold Time in Hot Tub

FROM:    David y Wright, 71510,536
DATE:    7/24/96 9:04 AM
Dear Justin

hope  you are having good time.

Seeing and learning interesting stuff?

Heard on electic radio that badminton is big in Indoneasia – expected to do well in Olympics

this weeks installment of Frogtown tails

Julie & friend, Karati Kathy, decieded that rather than camp out at ’96 Sanchin Ru weekend – they would stay at Frogtown. This would mean they would have stove, refridgerator, roof, screens (no mosquitoes), indoor plumbing, and hot water, and NEW jacuzzi (ooo-ahhh). All the things you go camping to get away from.
So Friday Julie takes the day off work – to help move few boxes and go shopping for food.
We get to Frogtown and refridgerator is still in carton in garage.  Julie sweet talks carpenter Dave into hauling it in.  – oops fridge has ice maker/cold water dispensor.
We thought we ordered one without – cheaper and more room in freezer.

We dump off other stuff and head back to SL – Julie to shop and me to do something meaningless – pack more boxes

I meet Julie & KK back out at Frogtown about 5pm – they are about to go to first kung fu session.  Will be back at 9 or 10.
So I get to set up house – put food in refridge, inflate air matress, clean saw dust out of Jacuzzi, etc.

They get back just about dark – letting swarm (2 or 3) of mosquitoes in front door.

While they heat up snack on stove, I go run water in hot tub.
I go check about 15 minutes later. Tub is about 1/3 full of luke warm water. Water from faucet  has gone cold. Not good sign.

I check the new High Efficency Fast Recovery Water Heater in basement. Stone cold and dead silent.
it has a blower on flue to suck out the exaust that isn’t working. I check circuit breaker box but looks ok.  The pilot light was out. Instructions for lighting it took 12 steps of fine print and 4 figures. I checked the brown pig (propane tank out back) needle was on red 20% – what ever that meant. I gave up trying to figure out what needed to happen to get it working.

So I tried filling up sauce pan with hot water from Instant Hot gadget (electric powered) on kitchen sink and running it up stairs.  I got about 3 quarts from that – enough to raise the tub to tepid.   It was good enough for girls to get in and splash about.

Noticed a nasty ring around tub of oily stuff aftwards.

during the night our  air matress losses 98% of air.  pumped it back up 3 times

next moring have french toast and weinners cooked on new stove.
A couple of deer are browsing in field –

women head of for another day of practicing nut kicking and other mayhem. I call builder to see about water heater.  He thought it was working when left & 20% should be plenty of propane.  I determine that no electricty at blower socket. Find an extension cord and run to live plug. then go thru 12 step program.  It really comes down to “Turn
knob. Toss in lighted match”
Thing kicks on and soon we have hot water again. I clean out ring in tub to make things better for tonight.

later we determine electricty was off because outlet is in string on GFI (Ground Fault Isolator) – now required by code in unfinished basement.  Electrical Inspector had been in earlier and checked by popping each GFI but not his job to reset.   reset is on different outlet – across room… (same for bathrooms – outlet in guest bath reset is in office bath)

ok fine
Expecting electrical and carpet guys to be doing some work so I go home to pack a few boxes.
Get call from carpet guy – he is busy at different job and won’t be out till Sunday.

come back 6pm – no sign the electric guys have done any work.

I find a washer that might work  for air matress (old gas cap from tractor)

Girls get back.  have a snack and jump in tub.   hot water this time.

I try to go to sleep. Julie gets into “bed” and tells me that the tub stoped working (after 45 minutes) I snore.
about 2 hours later the tub comes back on – with no water in it. hell of a noise.

air matress seems to hold better, only one miner inflate. – Julie hoggs the blanket.

pancakes and weinners for breakfast.  Deer are back – one is baby

girls off to more punching and kicking.

Carpet guy shows up and starts to work on living room.  I go out to do some watering of garden and clean up of misc building scraps.  I break for pop. Carpet guy is upset by type of carpet we choose. He doesn’t know how to make seam in this type….
At noon a friend of the carpet guy shows up in pick up truck. I chat with him – notice he has a couple of golf bags in back. I go back to cleaning up. later ( about 12:30) I notice both guys gone – tools left out and first guy’s truck still there (lunch?).

Girls get back about 2 pm – Kathy gets her stuff and heads home.  Julie & I try out tub then take nap. It’s about 4:30 – carpet guy gets back and begins pounding carpet on stairs. He stays till about 6:30

We have barbequed corn for dinner & decied to spend night.

Julie goes around with red stickers Louie left for us to mark any defects in paint/drywall.

Monday I make up list of 25 items – minor stuff  Fax it to Louie get to sleep in water bed – MUCH better than air mattress I hog the blanket Julie calls appliance store. The model we origninaly picked out was discontinued – so sales guy substitued. They are going to exchange refridge. will take about 2 weeks, but we can use one they sent till then.

Tuesday morning Julie wakes up – message on answering machine from her Dad.
Gramma Lynn died during night.

I pack few minor things (pop for refridge) & meet Louie out at Frogtown go over list.
Electrical Guy is working phone stuff – Julie had told him she wanted a patch panel so we could change what outlet got what lines.   He is putting in terminal strip. I could have done that. oh well.

The gunk in hot tub is flux from soldering pipes.  Louie says it should clear in week or so.  He says it isn’t lethal. I’m not sure, but am drinking instant coffee from place.
Since we are WAY over budget – Louie has put deck, custom shelves and room divider on “hold”  He is trying to keep us from going further into bankrupsy
Louie tells me that big trash container is half empty and will be there for a while so if we have junk to throw away  we can toss it in there.   I rush home and load up pick up.  I see it is going to take several more trips – just for the junk.

Well that about brings us to today. more moving and packing and junk tossing and …
Final Building inspection is today.  then we should get CO (Certificate of Occupancy) tomarrow.  I’m moderatly optimistic.

Lots of Love

Dad (& Julie)

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Hot Fun

FROM:    David y Wright, 71510,536
DATE:    7/18/96 8:17 AM
I’ve lost track of where the last episode of “Frogtown Tails” left off….

A week ago got call from Barb Marr – builders wife and book keeper/accountant. we are an additional $5,000 or so over what we were over…. Due to labor putting up & painting siding , new window in master bath, minor changes in kitchen…..

I have no idea where we are going to get the money…. pressure is increasing to “get a job”

Saturday Julie & I took a load of boxes to basement. This made almost enough room to swing a cat in living room if we had a cat.

Then spent a few hours “landscaping”  This is something I thought we wouldn’t do – the plan was to be au naturale  (that’s French, eh?)
But we need to stablize the sand dunes in anticipation of more monsoons.
So 12 lbs of grass seed – 6 of shady mix, 6 more of sunny.
then water – got some more hose so don’t need to carry water in buckets (cept to garden)

And rake out big ruts and tracks left by dozer and trucks.

then pick up loose rocks – potato size. The rocks are going to mote area and gutter dump zones along with some pea gravel – to buffer run off.

it was pretty warm so work went slowly.

Heating & cooling guy was messing about with ducts

Sunday we took day off and visited Joy & Mike Emma & Nate in Holland.
kids were amusing – just watching wore me out.  Mike is unhappy with new job at Prince – supplier of automotive stuff.  disscuraging

Monday night we took another load of boxes.  it was getting dark  mosquitoes were all over us.  next time we do it while light.

Tuesday I get call from carpet guy – he’s freaked out that the wrong carpet was delivered. So I hop in truck, run out to builders house, pick up sample, and out to  Frogtown.  Compare – style: Applause -color  Silver Biege (greige – again)
oh it may be half a shade lighter than the sample. Who cares?

painters doing inside trim

Dave – master carpenter,  putting up  “wing wall”,  more decrotive than useful detail at front entrance.  We went over grab bars layout for Granny’s bath room.

Heating and cooling guys still putting in ducts and moving plumbing – they had sink between washer and dryer – but Julie noticed and made them do it right.

I’ve been doing some packing – get small load a day – at this rate will be Christmas before done. At least will be cooler then (and mosquitoes dead.)

Julie has karati all weekend at campground half hour west of Frogtown. instead of camping,  plan is for her and her friend, Kathy to stay at Frogtown – sleeping bags & air matresses but inside.  Should be pretty functional – indoor plumbing works – refridge & stove are in (new, from Big Fat’s)

I’m trying to borrow a flat bed trailer from Frank.  It isn’t working  very well.
There is a lock on it, but they couldn’t find the key. they found the key but lock rusted.
Treat with  WD-40 , lock works again
needs license renewed – but they can’t find the paper work…..
one tire flat, may only need air, or…..
boards are broken and rotted a few or all need to be replaced. bolts holding wood rusted…..

I may try to borrow Paul’s trailer instead – I was trying to avoid that because it needs new wood, license……

maybe rental?

Looks like more hot, muggy severe weather today and tomarrow – may avoid hauling junk.  guys still working inside and inspecters need to bless yet .  Need to schedual friends for heavy lifting.  details , details…..

Barb reported that Justin did leave for Indonesia July 4th for aproximatly 7 weeks. no more  news yet.

His future plans are? perhaps staying in Olympia another year – ?

I’ve been enjoying real coffee – thanks much.
I dug out a microwave percolator that makes about 5 cups at a time
it took a couple of trys to get prescription – 8 minutes 30 seconds on high seems to work.

So whats doing out west?

lots of love

Dave (& Julie)

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Move process

We are just begining the move process.  – about 15 plastic tubs, skis and misc items
have been move to the basement of Frog Town
We hauled out out to the street 2 cat clawed easy chairs, and the 2 big pillows. I am
skeptical that the trash men will pick them up, so I expect to load them into truck to
dump tomarrow.

This should give us enough room to take the books off the shelves in the living room
and pack stuff in part of the basement.   it also makes a path to the front door.
We haven’t gotten CO (Certificate of Occupancy – granted by Inspecters) and there is
still a bit of work to be done – like carpets etc.
I don’t expect we will start serious moving till end of this week, and may or may not be
sleeping there within two weeks. Major impediments is Julie’s other commitments –
kung fu weekend – next,  Hootie & Blowfish Wed nite, familly reunion weekend after…..

We picked up rocks from the yard and watered grass seed. I don’t want a lawn – but
need to get something with roots started quickly before next monsoon.

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Blue Moon

Happy blue moon

Latest progress from Frogtown
Louie called Thursday – to come out and discuss Hyrdrology or what ever
warm – middle 80’s
He is installing 2 more in ground drains at front of house to carry away the water so it doesn’t seep in. will also add gutter on south side.  Originaly didn’t want to – too many trees – but decieded that roof is easly access able and low slope so cleaning shouldn’t be too big a problem.
New window for master bath was going in.
rolls of carpet in garage.
Painters were there – putting on primer coat.
Louie gave me list of more things to decide
Pantry door – hinged or bifold. Hinged presents blockage to refridge  if hinged left, light switch blockage if hinged right.
what to put in closets (junk of course) shelves, rods etc.
where exactly to mount medicine cabinets in master bath & mirror.
10 light fixtures

I go to Jackson to check it out  & to pick up local paper Citizen Patriot. to look for job.
Name sounds scary. But paper doesn’t come out till 1 – it was 11 so I go to hardware store to look for closets organizers & lights.

Friday afternoon I came back –
mid 90’s
painting going – slowly – guys were very hot working on ladders in sun.   they are using airless spray.   paint is dumped into 30 gallon rubber trash can.  Hose picks it up, into gas powered pump that pressuresizes to 2500 psi. then long hose & 5 foot pipe to spray head.  almost dry when it hits wall.
Finished coat. I think color is going to be ok.

Louie & son Chris (17 maybe) are moving dirt with Bobcats – one front loader, one backhoe (in the front) attachments.

still hot – I went shopping for light in Howell a wall sconce for stairs.  Julie & I  had picked one out 8 months ago.  had to order  – 2 weeks  but they were having 1/2 off sale.

Guys making progress with painting and light breeze helps some.

Joy  drove out to Frogtown with us. tour of house & roasted wiennies .

we stayed a bit to pull weeds – left when got dark enough for mosquitoes to sneak out.


Dad ( & Julie)

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