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Something Borrowed, Something Blew

FROM:    David y Wright, 71510,536
DATE:    8/28/96 8:12 PM

Greeting all

too continue….

Saturday 8/17
I forgot what we did in the morning – small load maybe
Started watering the garden – Julie hoes the strawberry patch.
She has kung fu class in afternoon –
I stay to clean up & Rustoleum set of steel shelves.
about 1pm  I remember the sprinkler – move it over to strawberry patch.
There is one strawberry, and it looks like the ants found it first.

about 3 pm I remember sprinkler – move it to blueberry patch.
it still looks like 3 very short sticks to me.  Maybe something is happening underground.

Julie calls about 5 – she is making dinner in SL – So I begin packing tools and vaccum and what ever to come home.

I get to US 23 – I remember sprinkler.  What the hell –

We pack up clothes in drawers under waterbed. and stuff in my dresser.   one I’ve had since I was 8.

Stack mirrors in bedroom. Go to bed.
Julie doesn’t believe it is going to take all day to move the bed.

Sunday morning – Julie gets up early – to grocery store for donuts and newspaper, and some food for pm. She wanted to get early start – so we can turn off the water – before the blueberries are too big to eat…
I can’t find any underwear – its all been packed.
I get started on bed
hose down laundry chute to tub in basement with asparator on .  This has worked in past pretty good.

Find some colored stickers – leftovers from great divide at Gramma Lynn’s.
Red port, green starboard, blue -for cold feet, and yellow …..because last color in box.
Have screwdriver adaptor on power drill.  Begin extracting 2 1/2″ # 10 screws.
boards are covered with 1/2″ of dust. and I had vacumned them last week
Get most of stuff off, and matress is 97% empty.  nothing more coming out.

We get the guy across the street – Craig Joshnston – volunteer fireman to help drag the matress out to pick up. He is not a happy camper.
my nuts are dragging about this point – voice is up 1/4 octave.

Craig leaves. Julie & I load rest of water bed base and my old wooden dresser – circa ’57 onto the trailer, and a couple of garbage cans full of misc trash.

We put Julie’s windsurfer on her car – and she  takes off for FrogTown.

I leave about 15 minutes later  – going slow way  out N. Territorial about 5 miles east of US 23,  I hear noise from right back – about half dozen thumps – like flat – then quiet.
I’m pulling off at first place the shoulder looks firm.

Somehow the trailer’s right fender caught and folded itself up between wheel.  peeled
16″  of steel belt & tread off the tire.
I unhitch the trailer and make for FrogTown.
The plan had been to call neighbor , Safu  to come help with mattress.
But Julie & I drag the thing off into living room, and dump rest of load there too – mostly 2x6x8′.
I load up crow bar, cinder blocks, and 5 lb sledge.
Then we get back to trailer.
We transfer load to pick up.  I’m about to jack up trailer, when Julie notices that weeds we are parked in contain ( you guessed) poison ivy.   Guy who lives across road comes over to help.  He tells us we can move it to his front lawn – away from traffic and more important, the poison ivy.

We push trailer across N. Territorial ( which has usual Sunday traffic)  and jack it up.
once wheel is off, I can bend metal back in approximation of original condition. A big patch of it has lost paint and turned blue from friction with wheel.  Suprisingly the wheel is still holding air – so I put it back on and we limp  to Frog town.

Then we take a nap on air mattress.

That pm we decide to put waterbed together.

Julie thinks the two of us can get the mattress up the stairs.  It is on a blanket/quilt.  I’m to pull. She will push yeah- push a water bed mattress – up stairs.

I think it was about the 4 step that something gave out.  But by then I was committed –
or should have been.

It was about 11:30 pm when it was ready to sleep on.

Julie heads to South Lyon early to get started packing kitchen.
I go to Discount Tire in AA – replacement is $70 and won’t be ready for 2 hours.

I go back to Frogtown
I pack up tools and some notes to head to South Lyon – then to Waterford for meeting with Sheldon.

Julie picks up tire

I get back to FrogTown – put tire on trailer and head to Taylor – Paul had said he needed it to move engines or something this week

Get home about 9:45 and go to bed.

Tues – We go to hardware store and pick up some wire shelves for FT pantry.
get load from south lyon

I’m scraffing down Advils like M&M’s

hang shelves in pm
it’s clear we didn’t get enough  by half.

we pack pick up with  short loads & Julie’s car with clothes in morning
drive like crazy to miss afternoon thunder stomes
pm un pack boxes.

Julie starts calling relatives to remind them of Saturday move – Gramma Lynn’s funiture [remember- we didn’t get that done two weeks ago?]

She gets to Uncle Gerry – who is playing exector of estate.  He informs us that since he has had pancreas and liver and something transplant – he isn’t allowed to lift stuff.   But he says ” why not hire movers?”
Julie ” ’cause we are stone broke”
[and that lazy lout of husband hasn’t gotten a real job]
“not to worry – the estate will pay”

Pack short load
Julie starts calling every mover in book – Allied, National, Two men & Truck,
Three Kids and a Wagon.
We finaly find one free for Saturday – need to meet them out there for estimate – 3 pm
We book with load for Frogtown, dump the load in garage.
then on to Madison Heights to get key from Uncle Gerry – to Bloomfield Hills.
– Get stuck in traffic only couple times.
Sam George shows up about 4 pm We show him stuff with red dots – our haul. ” Are you sure thats all?  any stuff going to brother or sister?”
“ok. if changes give me call…”
-he gives us estimate – we give him deposit check.
Quick dinner at restraunt – then back to Gramma Lynn’s
We have to get little Stuff off table and cabinets and what ever
Grampa John was big into Commodors – those early computers – he had about 6 of them and few Sinclares and who knows what.  fifty pounds of 51/4″ disks

Julie goes to kung fu in morning.
Back to SL in afternoon for short load.
I’m trying to get trailer back from Paul –
plan for Saturday has changed again.
John Bryant wants to pick up his stuff – green dots – including refrdgerator.
but going towards Detroit – Hoover/9 mile. He & I will move with Paul’s trailer
Joy and Mike want to store their loot – yellow dots at Frogtown – untill they make a place for them or something. They aren’t coming to Gramma Lynn’s  Stuff will go with movers – I am judged competent to point out yellow dots to movers.

Paul is swiming in Masters in AA –
He gets home about 6 pm
I head for Taylor – pick up partly loaded.
we get trailer hooked up – after replacing several lights.
Back to South Lyon
throw as much stuff in as we can – off to Frog town.

its dark when we get there – so we figure we will unload at day break

too early

Start tossing boxes out pick up into living room
Julie tries to pick up small end table and spazs out back –
I dig through garbage can to fine Tylenol # 3’s she had tossed day before.
I get stuff out and head out on 6 wheels – slopping instant coffee in lap.

Get to Gramma Lynn’s and franticly begin getting small stuff off Joy and Mikes stuff

Movers show up – and begin loading red and yellow dot stuff

Call from Uncle Gerry – he’s running late. – He has check for movers – They won’t unload without it.
I call Julie – to see what’s up with her brother John.  He was suppose to be here.

Movers finished and take off for Frogtown – with offical Frogtown map I made.

It’s getting to be lunch time and I’m hungry.   Julie calls to tell me John is late and will be leaving shortly – I should go get lunch.
Just then Uncle Gerry & Gerry jr,  2 dogs and a rabbit shows up. They tell me that they are going to pick up  Robin later at Sonmerset North – the new hoy-poloy shoping mall in Troy.  Not at all clear how they hoped to connect up with movers – never mind – I call Julie to tell her she has to write check – we’ll sort it out later.

we discover that refridge is too big to get out – unless we remove doors [of ‘fridge]
we start doing that.  about half way into that John, Kim & Cody

After frogging around a while – we get busy – Kim moves their van in front for plants, while we try to figure out door.  John has a cart he uses to move engines and transmissions. it  leaves a trail of thick black gunk through living room.

finaly we head out  Unload at John’s – I stop for gas and head to Frogtown.
I have Julies cell phone and call – to let them know I’m on the way and VERY hungry.
get the Barbie started now ( 1.5 hr away but why put things off).

When I get to N Territorial rd I discover that camper ahead of me is Uncle Gerry et al.  I flash lights & honk but they don’t notice a grey pick up with red trailer on their ass.
When they get to M 52 they pull off road – obviously unable to follow last bit of map I gave them.  I stop too and suprise – we all pull into FrogTown together
Joy , Mike Emma & Nat are there – Mike cooking dogs on Weber.
Eat fast – dogs and corn.
John, Kim and Cody show up and stuff faces. John wants ketchup. we don’t have any –
he is put out.
We build a big fire by pole barn – but everybody hangs by house – untill mosquetos get so bad we all go in.

Much noise as kids and dogs and adults scamper all over.
Mike and I put up the wire shelves in pantry.
John comes by to look and farts loudly.  He is greatly amused.  Mike and I aren’t.
About 10 or so John & family go home.
10:30 Gerry, Robin and animals retire to camper.
Mike, Joy & their kids head for guest bed room to sleep on Gramma Lynn’s king size bed.
Julie & I crash.

About 2 am Nat wakes up screaming – last about half an hour.
later we learn this is a semi regular event.

Sunday am
Julie gets up and starts making blue berry pancakes (she bought the berries – we still only have twigs)
I grind some beans from Vic’s Market and make a pot of real coffee.

later Uncle Gerry wants something to do – so we pack up tools and chain saw in wagon behind tractor and go to cut some trees that had fallen across trails
Julie & kids plant some things she brought from in front of McMunn – mint, sweet woodruff, lilly of valley and cat nip.
We cook some weinnies tha Uncle Gerry had in camper and left over corn. Kids roast mashmallows over weber
Afternoon wears on –   About 3 or so they decided to leave.  It take aout an hour more to round up kids, dogs & rabbit.

Julie & I go back to bed.

enough for now

Lots of Love and smooches to girls

Dave ( & Julie too)


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Lies, Damn Lies, and Spread Sheets

FROM:    David y Wright, 71510,536
DATE:    8/16/96 9:30 PM

Moving right along.

Monday – did a short load of boxes.
Started to get part of basement arranged
Took piece of leftover carpet for under Julie’s desk – tried treating edges with liquid goo to seal edges from unraveling.

Dissasembled some metal shelves – ugly green color – they use to be in local liquor store until they redecorated with something more tasteful.
Hope to clean rust off and give new life with coat of Rustoleum.

Call from Barb Marr – Builders wife & CFO.
Wants to meet @ Frogtown  to discuss final bill
Schedual for Thurs 9:00am

Visted Sheldon – he has a job he needs some help with – probably only  pocket change
– but I know he’s good for it.
Then stopped at Gramma Lynn’s to measure up furniture – just to be sure it fits.
Aunt Trish was meeting the assesor there at 2:30.
I got there at 2:45
Assesor had come and gone.

get out to Frogtown 8:30 – find semi-clean cup and make some instant.
Barb show up on time
make her some instant, too.
we chat a bit – she’s seen the place already.
she sits on old couch with hole. I sit on matching chair with loose leg.
She hads me copies of invoices, spread sheets and other papers.
She starts to tell me how this and that went over and this change……
Then she starts with the loan of this much and the draws of that much and  the owner contributions onf so and ……
Finaly I ask “So exactly how much do we owe?”
meaning like cash NOW – over what the bank is covering

“twenty eight thousand.”

This pretty much ruined my day.

Barb tries to cheer me up – tells me what wonderful place we have, blah blah blah…..
I explain I’m concerned that financial matters are putting serious strain on marital bliss………
She tells me that the first year is real trial for marriage and that it will come out stronger in end blah, blah blah……………

I guess just not sort of fellow to look on bright side of things – or is it the least dim side of things?

later I called Julie and we had lunch.
It ruined her day , too.

I decieded to keep moving –
Dissassembled some of grey shelves – they need Rustoleum too. Good thing I bought a gallon.
Also bought a seat for bath tub for Grannie, and a hand held spritzer. Hell, whats money for?

Visited Frank.  The laywer we had started project back in March and stopped in April and hadn’t heard from called and said he wanted his money back..
Fat chance.
Glad we decieded to get 50% up front.
But then he decieded that maybe he would look at what we had done.
might squeeze another $1500 out of bugger.

got short load out early.
Truck from Big George’s showed up at 9:15.  They said between 9:00 and 12:00.   I
thought that they would be out first thing. They would want to start furthest away from AA and end up back in town at lunch time.

Discovered that cord for refridge is about 1 1/2 foot short – when pulled out of niche
auto disconnects.
So when putting new one [with out ice/water dispencer] in – kid had to climb on top and dangle over back to plug it in.

About 10:45 plumber fellow shows up to flip flop faucets for Jacuzzi – put cold on  right,
hot on left – when sitting in tub.

I finish putting up grey shelves – some dabs of Rustoleum on them get Julie’s desk back together and move a bunch of boxes around.

Get home about 6:30 – Message on machine from our man at bank. He doesn’t seemed too worried about cost over runs. why should he? he doesn’t have to pay for them.  But Scott, in his usual friendly manner tells us that they can make us a “bridge loan” against sale of house in South Lyon.  It is clear that he has never seen the place, but what the heck – if they are dumb enough to loan us the money for Frogtown, why shouldn’t they loan us money for McDump?

I’m taking a quick break from loading more boxes and thrashing about.
Julie is going thru Christmas decorations, and other odds and ends.
expect a moderate load tomorrow morning.

Sunday, we expect to take the water bed.
………can’t wait.

Hope you all are well
come visit us soon – before bank gets wise to us.

love and smooches

Dave & Julie

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On and Off Again

FROM:    David y Wright, 71510,536
DATE:    8/11/96 8:01 PM

another moving week has passed.

I began week by checking with local U Haul – again.  I tried week before to reserve a 24′  truck for Saturday – 10th.  Bonnie began the excersize by asking where I was moving?
I thought she was just being friendly, but maybe wasn’t familar with the boonies.
“Gregory is the mailing address”
The long pause made me wonder….
“It’s near Stockbridge…. ”
more silence …..
“About 10 miles north of Chelsea…. North West of Dexter 15 miles…”
Finaly she says… “The nearest place is Ann Arbor…..” very apoligetic
Not to worry – I can bring truck back to South Lyon.  She sounded doubtful – Like why
anybody would want to come back to SL?
I wanted biggest I could get – no point in trying to cram  Gramma’s treasures in. 24 foot
sounds great but maybe could use 17 foot , along with Toyota and Trailer.
She checks, but doesn’t know if what will be available – it’s August and everybody moves in August.  She’ll see what she can do – takes my Visa # as deposit.   I need to call back Monday or Tuesday.
Ok fine

Sunday night, Julie gets on phone and begins trying to get comittment out of relatives….With promises of Free Beer – we get 5 males signed up for 9:00 am on the 10th. Mike may be coming to FrogTown Friday night – directly from a party and stay over night with us or maybe bring Joy and kids……?

Monday  – Chris – the electric guy comes out to fix a few misc things – help straighten out which wires go to which phone jack and to re wire fans in bath rooms – so we don’t explode if we smoke in the shower.
He gets things pretty well  straighed around, and shows me how he hotwired the fans – so I can put them back after the inspection.
He leaves. I go down to basement to hook up dryer – so I can wash some underwear & green (now tan) I have been wearing for 4 days.
The plug won’t go into the 240 outlet.
it looks some what simular.   like an oriental face.    Plug has  eyes at 30 degres upwards and vertical nose.
but close inspection of outlet ( behind dryer so its dark and hard to reach) has same eyes, but nose is backwards L.  I contemplate use of 5 lb sledge to encourage mating.
I call Manchester Electric to see if they can get Chris to come back some time.
Tuesday I call U Haul and ask for Bonnie – She is out sick – this is Linda.  I need Truck for Saturday.  She starts to tell me that nothing is available and I should check other UHaul places…. I tell her that Bonnie was trying. Oh yeah she see’s my name but clueless as to what is happening.  I start to cry (I have found this technique can be very
effective)  I tell the I have all these relatives who are expecting Free Beer.
Well there is a 17′ on lot but it’s broke and maybe THEY (U Haul Central – I guess) can pick it up and fix it or send a loaner. I should call Thursday, when Bonnie is back…
Weather is 95F & 101% Humidity.

Wed Julie & I pack a living room full of boxes all marked “MISC”
Not that it matters – some of boxes are on their 3rd trip for us and have several other undeciferable markings also

Friend Mick came over Thursday morning – {it had cooled down to 85F and 85%} and we managed a double load – [pickup and trailer full]
ball buster was work bench – formerly a checkout counter from Perry Drug’s and now covered in ski wax. Also, has faint but lingering odor of Cat’s piss.

We get back to SL about 3pm.  I call U Haul – I get Bonnie.  She thinks that THEY are going to pick up broken 17 footer and leave a loaner.  I should call Friday about 2pm to verify.
I’m trying to be relaxed about whole thing.
So I pack a few more  misc. things and head out to Frogtown. Julie is off to kung fu thing and won’t be home till late so I decide to spend night.
I have 240 volt outlet from South Lyon. Get that wired in.  Wash shorts.

Friday I decide to tackle retaining walls on south side.
Builder did part of wall. to prevent major disastor if it rained. Left rest of work for us.
lots of digging and lugging cement blocks.  Not very satisfied with one but too tired to care.

I call U Haul – Bonnie seems suprised to hear from me.  Of course there will be a truck ready at 8:00am….

Chelsea Glass shows up about 4:30pm to measure for mirror in master bath.

Julie calls to see if I am coming back to SL?  I thought Mike (& family) was coming out to Frogtown…?
She hasn’t been able to get through to them…
So Julie will stay in SL – and try to call everybody to make sure they are coming tomarrow. And do some shopping – so we will have wiennies with the beer. I’ll hang out in case they show up @ Frogtown….

About 8:45 pm Joy calls me at Frogtown.  Mike is coming out in morning and will meet us in SL.
I call Julie – answering machine – and let her know I’m on way home.

I get home about 9:30pm.
Julie tells me to sit.
The state tax assesor missed apointment today to asses the goodies.
So we can pay them later $150/hr & milage to asses the stuff at Frogtown later or wait.
we decide to wait.
Julie calls everybody to let them know – and get new comittment for 24th

Saturday I call U Haul …..

Then we take half load out to Frogtown

Julie & I rebuild one of the retaining walls – looks a bit straighter.

did some unpacking.

Paul, MC, Jeff, PJ & Grannie came out aout 7:30 pm after playing at swim club
Grannie liked the rooms we got set up for her.
She seemed real tired.
they lefted about 9
we crashed before they got down the drive.

This morning we tried to staighen out phone lines – what goes where.
took most of morning –

Got home aout 3:30 took nap.

now Julie is doing more packing – into the storage room and other nasty places.
wierd stuff coming out.

I better go help.  She’s putting some stuff in the trash that needs to be saved……

Hope all is well with you folks..

lots of love

Dave (& Julie)

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Butt weight! Their’s more…

FROM:    David y Wright, 71510,536
DATE:    8/6/96 8:30 PM

What it is…

Got letter from Justin and exchanged email with Barb couple times
She’s worried that JB is in middle of riots in Jakarta – probably started them… but no
he’s someplace else, Bandung, having good time.

He’s been on some religous meditation thing, been an extra in a Dutch movie, seen a
movie in China with Indonesian subtitles, and did a French wine tasting thing.  Lots more, too.

Staying with friends of friends and seems to be well.  great adventure.

mean while, back in the States…

been packing and moving a bit at a time.  Got enough space free’d up in living room to stage boxes.
had friend Len help with load 7/27.  Paul 8/3 and Jon 8/4. Go some of  big stuff out there,  but some more to go. Notably the waterbed.
When we stay at Frogtown – it’s on air mattess. not terribly comfortable after day of lugging and huffing and puffing.
I figure we are between 30 and 60% moved.

Was hoping to get CO 7/25 but being held up by Wash County Environmental Health Dept.  Seems our well needs to be tested for arsenic, chloride and “explosive gas”.
Test for  explosive gas turns out to be 98 ml per cubic foot water – I put out more than that from a corn beef on rye. This means we need to have switches in bathrooms rewired so fan comes on with light.
Still waiting on other two tests, but I’ve been using water for instant coffee & soup. ( haven’t got bean grinder set up.. yet!)
Julie is worked up over odor from water.  May be related to gas or some other subterian phenomina that only ocurrs under Frogtown. So far nobody has identified smell much less offered hope of solution. I think I could live with it, but women have more sensitive noses. It’s a wonder race survives.

Few other items on “punch list”   nothing that should be major problem…..
outlet for dryer is wrong sort, no HVAC vents in one part of basement, minor trim work….. I’ve lost track.

I don’t know if I told you Julie’s Gramma Lynn died 2 weeks ago.  She was in nursing home for last month – and just gradualy faded out.  Didn’t seem to have any serious pain, and seemed at peace.

Then we all went to Gramma’s house to pick over furnishings..
long afternoon.  But nobody wanted the funiture.
So Julie & I got most of it (well we put red stickers on it)
Very nice stuff – 60’s Danish Modern – real wood – cherry I think. lots of it – dining table for 8 or 10, chairs, coffee tables, desks, dressers, and a king size bed with  brand new ( well, low milage) mattress.  We were wondering how we were going to get a bed for guest bed room  ( Grannie Wright – mainly)
I think we scored BIG.  I can’t figure out why nobody else wanted any of the stuff.

So now plan is to to rent a U haul this week end, buy lots of beer and have rest of
Hambrights do some lugging and puffing.  – Beer is in refridge at Frogtown.

Weather is August.

We stopped cable in South Lyon  so I’m TVless. tried watching snow – but not the same.
Good substitute seems to be sitting at Frogtown looking out big windows with remote for ceiling fan in hand.

I better get back to packing

lots of love

Dave (& Julie)

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