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Halloween is coming, so is picture

Saturday we visit lawyer to discuss hose job by Mr & Ms Builder…

New buddies on CIS ARCH forum have sugested that Mr Banker & Mr Title company
maybe in kahoots with each other in less than honorable way…
Oddly enough, nobody there seems to suspect dishonorable behavior by Mr

Color is past peak – now into cold rains

I have mower deck – from micro tractor – apart in garage… one of bearings froze,
again….  has 1/4″ axial play and sound like dirt got in…  I think I got it freed up and
pumped lots of grease through it, and sharpened blades.  Hope I can get it functional
enough to finish fall mow job…  the oil pan on tractor is leaking a bit – I guess the liquid
gasket stuff didn’t do as good a job I thought.  Maybe next year we can afford to get a
serious machine…

Put up some more shelves – so I could un pack some more books…
more shelves needed… need to do some more Rustoleum – waiting for break in
weather… Julie’s nose won’t let me do job in garage, much less in basement.

Pigs with Antlers have gone through 700 lbs of carrots and sugar beets so far!
(actualy we haven’t seen any with antlers)   We are seriously thinking about charging
them… I’m expecting them to start coming to front door – demanding we cook carrots
with butter and brown sugar.

re Christmas list
I forget exactly how Julie randomized it…. I think she used Excel, but then
had to manualy tweek list so there were no self or spouse pair ups (me – I thought that
would be like a bonus…, but Julie tell’s me that is just how a boy would think…)
maybe she used slips of paper in hat trick…
This might be a good freshman computer programing exercise.

coffee is getting cold & I better look busy

Lost of love & smooches

Dave & Julie


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Deciduous Changes

Saturday  Julie’s sister – Joy and her two kids – Emma & Nate came to visit
They brought their own TV and VCR – so we could watch Poke-a- hauntus & Casper.
(we have our own TV & VCR – they just are at bottom of  pile in basement..) before bed
We took 100 lbs of carrots and 100 of sugar beets out to deer feeder..
kids never got to see the deer – but found bites out next morning.
Julie showed kids about puff balls  –  soon they were running all over stomping up
clouds of spores.  the fall out should cover NYC by tomarrow.

some how Julie thought it would be good idea to have kids wash her car.  I was elected
to supervise.
I was not happy when they confused me with vehicle.  (lesson here – NEVER give 4 yr
old a loaded hose!)
They went home about 2:30
we got about a half hour nap.

then we picked up Grannie.
she had a gig in Chelsea –

I printed out your e’mail
she wants to know where the picture is.

Monday morning Grannie got up and went out before dew was off, to paint leaves.. well
not paint the leaves – paint a picture of the leaves….

She had to get back for piano lesson after lunch.

We took long way home – along Huron River Drive.
Very nice. Grannie was real geeked.

House saga continues….
I have been getting advice off CIS Architecture forum (GO ARCH )…
prevailing opinion is we are getting shaft from builder and should get lawyer…
I’m not real keen on supporting that dubious trade… still it does seem like we are in
over our heads…

Just checked feeder
100lbs of carrots are nearly gone! and beets aren’t far behind.
Since Saturday night!
(just what does venison taste like?)

Dave (& Julie)

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