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Grannie wanted to send back a message – but we just had too many activities to get to
fun with CIS – so she is going to write a real letter soon

Picked her up at St Paul’s Luthern in Humbug Wed nite – took senic roads home – she wanted to see all the cities on the way – Humbug, Pinkney, and Gregory… We didn’t get to Stockbridge or  Unidila  – but I don’t think it was culturaly detramental.
We gave Grannie her birthday present – set of watercolor pencils – She was all excited over all the colors (24)
I lit the fire place and then we all got sleepy so we went to bed.

Thanksgiving we got up early – 8:30 and had breakfast..

Looked at birds pigging out at feeder..

Then we drove to Gross pt.
We had taped Prarrie Home Companion from last Sunday – so we had something interesting to (re) listen to..

The Hambrights were very nice to Grannie – Robin had Grannie play the piano – Ruth helped by singing very enthusicly.

Dinner was suprisingly good.  Uncle Gerry did the major cooking so I guess it wasn’t so supprising.

We got home about 6:30 – we were in bed by 7:30

Today we got up early – 9:00

Julie made rasberry pancakes

Grannie did some drawing. Then she called her boy friend.

Julie & I went out for quick xcountry ski

then we took naps..

Our next door neighbor Safu stopped by for visit –
and woke everybody up.

After he left we went back to bed.

After that I pushed Grannie around outside in her chair.. The new wheels arn’t very good in snow.  But she had a good time.

We got back and we all took another nap.

then it was time to take Grannie home – She has a rehearsal or performance tonight …

Julie & I had dinner at Prickly Pear in AA then came home.

I think we will be in bed before 10…

Tomarrow I have to work on tractor – take off mower deck and put on snow plow and
chains –

Hope all is well there.

Dave, Julie (& Grannie too)


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Snow birds & snow flies

I’m working on 3d animation of Escort roll over – started job back in Febuary – but kept getting post poned

Julie has been sending out lots of resumes

I haven’t seen anything that looks even slightly applical much less interesting…

No word from lawyers on battle of wits with builder.

We are going to sell old place on land contract to real estate guy – he thinks he will get it back in shape..  payout is $40k in a year – so we will not really get out all the $ we put in … but I guess thats ok …   at least we won’t have to keep making payments, insurance and utilites…

It is snowing now – looks like first sticking of year…may go out for walk later – it gets dark real early so better be soon.

Got a fire going in fireplace – we’re  going through wood faster than I thought – not that there isn’t enough trees down in the woods.  Getting them captured, plucked and stacked is a lot more work than I ever imagined.  We got about a cord (heck I have no idea what a cord is) split under a tarp out back. Looks like I better make a few chain saw trips soon.  First I better sharpen the chain.. it really makes a difference.  Spliting is another story.  I have an inexpensive ax. works ok on stuff up to 10″ diameter and about 14″ long..   I also have one of Dad’s old wedges. It is completly brown with oxide – not just surface rust – but I think all the way to the core.  It has completley pitted – some 1/4″ or more in depth. I think a Paleoantropologist would think it is from the pre-Cenozoic era.  When I use it with 10 lb sledge – it usual buries it self in a crack and I have to use a crowbar to free it…
I saw on of our neighbors – who lives in an Octagonal house – that I think is heated at least in part by wood – using a power splitter. He has a huge stack. I have stack envy.

I was out walking this morning and heard 2 nearby gunshots.  Then lots of talking and yelling and sombody blowing a whistle. I think they got one (deer, I suppose).  I was bummed – but more carrots for survivors….

Going to pick up Granny Wed night after a gig she has at Lutheran church in Hamburg.
Spend night here – then on to Uncle Gerry’s & Aunt Robin’s for Thanksgiving Supprise

Haven’t decided on how much Christmas decorations we are going to put up…

All our lights are indoor type – but it seems contradictory to put up a tree. We got  probably 200 outside – Julie would never let me cut one down – She talks to them, and I’ve even seen her stroking the branches (maybe a pet isn’t that bad an idea) We got a plastic one – but that isn’t ok with Julie – she likes the smell of real ones.  I thought some Pine Sol in base would fix things up. Was I wrong!

more soon


Dave & Julie

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Snow What

Seems all the snow has fallen all around us – Holland, UP, Ohio…
– but not on us.

Sun is out – and only a few flakes on ground

Don’t want to complain

We still have a couple of wild flowers blooming in front of house – despite the cold… I think that they are somewhat sheltered by house & window well.

most of the leaves are off the trees now – and trails are crunchy or slippery – depending
on moisture –

trying to get motivated to do some more work in basement – putting up more shelves, florescent lights, unpacking boxes.. – my office is about 50% functional – better than it was.

still, the list seems to get longer than shorter….

Lots of love
Dave (&Julie)

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