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Beating Plows and Sharing

I’m on short rations – modem wise.
CIS is in AA and that is long distance call – nearly everything  is except Stockbridge & Unidila
I participated in a couple of on line conferences; one that lasted hour & half

oops ..

now I am only allowed to sign on once a day – mark messages and read off line…

Yesterday,  I got around to puting snow plow on the tractor..
I pulled it into the garage last Wed.
Found an electric heater to take the chill off
Getting the mower deck off wasn’t too bad. some of the old hardware has jamed threads on their way to being completly stripped.
took off the 3 blades – so I can sharpen them later – again.. It had begun raining – so I got wet wrestling deck into bed of pick up. I want to store it behind the pole barn –

I got the plows lift mechanism on the tractor in record time – about 10 minuites –
nothing much to it only a couple cotter pins.   Before I put the plow blade on that I decided to check it out – pull back handle to lift – push button and let it drop… only it didn’t budge.  I got on tractor and used both hands and feet… it moved extreamly reluctantly.
Since there isn’t much to linkages between handle and mounting point for bladed – I was clueless as to what could be wrong..  I disconected linkage and stood on front.. It held MY weight.
The main bearing for thing looks like 2″ length of 1 1/4″ diameter pipe over 1″ pipe12″ long . Couple of washers welded to 1″ pipe keep smaller pipe from sliding back and forth. There are two 6″   pieces of 1/4″ flat stock welded to radilial outward on the short pipe – one goes to one linkage – the other to another This seem to have some signs of rust.. so I got out can of WD-40 and gave it couple of blasts. No improvement..
It seemed like I could work on it better off the tractor.

with a crowbar and 18″ pipe wrench and a lot of grunting I could move it about 5 degrees up and down.  more WD-40 got 6 degrees movement.

more WD40 and began to beat on flat stock with 2×4  (  I’ve learned that hammer causes irreprablerable damage) which gets it to rotate a weee bit
7…8…9….10 degrees
WD 40 runs out.
I found an old spray can of Liquid Wrench- that sounded like it had some in it – but nothing came out – so I put a nail through it and dribbled it out.

more beating, seated on a plastic milk crate – I feel like a neandrathal

12…14… 16 degrees…

out of Liquid Wrench

got can of lighter fluid and some motor oil (10 W 30) – made my own secret blend….
more beating – the 2 by is losing slivers there are little ooses of brown fluid – like blood that come out from between pipes.

I realize that the fumes are probably explosive and starting to make me woozy – so I stand up  to open the garage door.  I discover that my legs went to sleep half an hour earlier… and they aren’t  happy waking up.  I hop around in the rain trying to get some unpolluted air and get some circulation south of mason dixon line.

Then back to ritual – lighter fluid, beat it clock wise , oil, beat it the counter clockwise.
several hours later – I get it completly freed up.
Workng hunched over – my jacket and flannel shirt have worked half way up my back –
and it is like just thawed turkey flesh.

Then I have to get chains on the tires.  This time I remember that it is easier if I let some of the air out first

By this time the rain has completly melted all the snow – it’s dark but about 50 degrees

We listened to PHC and went to bed early.

Today I was hoping for quiet day.
I got started mending some minor rust spots on Julie’s car.
Julie went to help a friend with new computer.
About 2pm Sheldon calls on his car phone – Dianne (his girl friend) & him are just coming back from Chicago, wants to know if ok if they stop by…
Fine by me…
I got about 2-3 hours
I realize that I better clean house – if I know what’s good for me.
And find something to feed them..
So I’m trying to vacuum, cook, hid the dirty clothes, make a fire in fireplace, pick up tools all at once.

Julie gets home – and needs to take a nap..

I just get the dinner finshed when up drives Sheldon & Dianne – & Julie wakes up.

We had a nice time – they just left – and I’m ready to crash…

Thats about all the news for now


Dave (& Julie)


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