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a sleepy story – some mice and I get wired

Hi Orion,

Been a while, and thought I should let you know what’s happening here at FrogTown. It’s cold and a little snow on the ground. Karma is asleep and having puppy dreams. He snorts and runs in his sleep. Well he doesn’t go anywhere – because he is lying on his back – but his feet are going like he was running.

I’m waiting for Julie to come home from teaching. She has a late night class, and is usually pretty tired when she gets home. But the last couple of nights, she has been excited because there are some mice in her car. She noticed that when she turned the heater to high speed it made a funny noise. uh-huh” I said, “It sounds like you have mice.” Something like this had happened several years ago in her other car. But she didn’t remember, till I reminded her. When it gets cold out side, the field mice like to find warmer places to make their nests. Especially places that have food near by. Julie always keeps some emergency candy and stuff in her car, in case she gets low blood sugar or just gets hungry. So I looked in the glove box… and sure enough – most of the stuff had been nibbled on… even the bubble gum. They chewed through plastic bags to get to granola bars and even some puppy biscuits. They also found and ate up all my chocolate covered coffee beans, except one.

We put a trap in the car – but so far we haven’t caught any. I think they are running around too fast – with a sugar and caffeine buzz. I’m sure they will slow down when it all wears off.

One of my doctors thought part of the reason I’ve been so tired is because I have sleep apathy. Actually its sleep apnea – apnea means “with out breath”. It can be a serious condition because the person stops breathing for a little bit – and that interrupts sleeping so they don’t get a good night’s sleep and end up being grumpy all the time.

But I like calling it sleep apathy.

Anyway – I had to go in for a sleep test. It’s at a special facility where they have rooms that are a little bit like a small motel room. They have a bed, a TV and a bathroom. After I put on my jamies, a technician came in and stucks a bunch of wires on my head with some goo. It doesn’t hurt, but it looks silly. And then I got a mask to put on over my face and nose. It has a long hose attached to it, going to a machine that blows air into it. Breathing with it is sort of like SCUBA diving. What it does is help push air into me when I inhale. It takes a little while to get use to and makes me look even sillier. It would be a good Halloween costume.

Then they turn out the lights and told me to go to sleep. There is a TV camera in the ceiling that can see in the dark – so they can monitor me while I slept.

Of course – it’s not that easy to go to sleep in a strange place when somebody tells you to – especially when you know they are watching. But I was tired and although it wasn’t as nice as being at home with Julie and Leo and Flannel in the bed, I fell asleep pretty soon. Next thing I knew, they were telling me it was time to wake up. I felt pretty good. Maybe the mask works. I should be getting one to use a home soon.

I also got a call from another Dr. who wants to patch up a small hole in my heart. He finally figured out what he wants to do, and plans to schedule the procedure for end of March or 1st week in April. There’s a complication due to the filter they put in me. It’s sort of in the way, and he’s a bit worried that they might knock loose any clots that are trapped in the filter. If they do – well, the clots might end up in a bad place, or rather a good place, but with a bad effect. But that could happen even if the Dr didn’t do the procedure.

I don’t think there is much point to worrying about things that you can’t do anything about. I do worry about Julie, because I think she is worrying about me, worrying about her, worrying about me….

I’ve been reading Lemony Snicket books. I think they are pretty good. Do you have any favorite books?

Well Julie just came home and it’s about time for bed. I’m really don’t have sleep apathy. I’m looking forward to it.




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