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Funny Logic & Fuzzy Laughter

How’s the idea shaping up?


For what it’s worth


A former co-worker at Ford contacted me several months ago.

She got re-laid off from FOMOCO and was trying to come up with ideas for employment outside the cube.

            One of them was writing articles about trying to make the transition from “secure” corporate indentured servitude to impoverished gypsy.   Sort of “Do what you like, and maybe some spare change will find you”. 

            Not a new idea, but then how many new ideas are there? 

One of her first attempts attached.  I thought it needed some work. More color, angst & hyperbole.  But what do I know?



Since she was a skydiver – before witnessing a major crash – I opined:


the decision to leave a job seems to be a lot like skydiving.  {not an original observation – what color is your chute? Etc.}





I was thinking about protagonists that work (meaning I identify with them) – Donald Duck, Charlie Brown & Dilbert.

            I wondered if this was an original observation and found this:



Jeff Daniel
. Louis Post-Dispatch

Scott Adams, the former cubicle dweller prodded into superstardom via his “Dilbert” comic strip, cites Charles Schultz as an inspirational hero.
The parallels are obvious: The confused and maligned Dilbert is Charlie Brown with hair and a crappy job, while the mischievous Dogbert is Snoopy with a speaking voice and a touch of evil. Like Schultz,
Adams knows how to tweak America‘s funny bone with situations that make readers scream out “Yes, that happened to me! I AM ______ (fill in the blank with the character of choice.)

Originality doesn’t count for much with humor. I should know, since Dilbert has been compared to Charlie Brown grown up. And I certainly didn’t invent talking cartoon dogs. Execution is everything.



Why is the largest online job database named





well, I better get back to painting my pole… looks like I’m going to need 2 coats of paint – And a lot of touch up to remove the dribble nubblies.





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