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Ann Arbor Ants, Washington Apple

From Jusby’s Blog about visiting Frogtown~

Orion and I took Grampa Dave’s Camry into Ann Arbor to check out the Fairy Doors. It’s got some issues: the driver’s side window won’t go down and it doesn’t have air conditioning.

We’d gone shopping, and I’d picked up a bag of Granny Smith apples… from Washington. I’d packed his lunch box with some bananas, a PB&J, a protein bar and an apple.

On the drive Orion yells, “There’s an ant in the car! There’s two! I see them!” I let him know that it’s no big deal. Later he’s complaining that he can’t get his lunch box zipped back up. I let him know that it’s no big deal.

Then we park the Camry and start traipsing around A2 looking for fairy doors.

Left in the car the ants are traipsing too. When we get back I notice the unzipped lunch box. I reach in and pull out his half eaten apple.

It’s covered black in ants. I scream, “Ahhh!” and throw it into the bushes, “How do you like them apples!?” Then I do the heebie-jeebie shiver.

Later, Grampa Dave puts down bug powder to kill ’em. He’s not too surprised. The Camry has had previous tenants: mice, squirrels, snakes, snails, and puppy dog tails.

Dad’s all about killing bugs on our trip. He’s got an elaborate set-up to attract, stick and poison the vicious deer flies. Apparently, they love the color blue.

an earlier version, later the cups grew to the size of plastic gallon pots spray painted blue


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