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happy after St Patricks day

We did the birthday thing for Jon, Suji, & Sam yesterday. We went to Mongolian Barbque. It’s fairly new on Main Street. I forgot what it was in former lives… Greek gyros, toy store, Woolworths…
They have sort of salad bar thing with meat and vegies, spices & sauces. fill up bowl then take to BIG circular grill where they dump it on and “stir fry” with 3 foot long sticks.
Mom took lots of pictures of Del & PJ

House has roof over part of living room.  trusses going up. Also expenses. many thousands over estimate.
looks like we may have to compromise (more) on interior stuff.

Julie starts new Job today at ReCelullar in Dexter.   They by used cel phones fix them up and re sell.

I think we finished Fieger job last week for 3rd time. Got another one – the lawyer had contacted us in
December,. but we hadn’t heard from him after we did quote – along with demand for 50% up front (he is known bad credit risk)  All of sudden he need it in 2 weeks.  he may get it in 4.

Dave  & Julie


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