Y1Meg. {what a time it is.}

Greetings from Frogtown.


Julie is in the Kitchen near the end of a day long cookie baking orgy. Niiko is laying on the floor with icing on her nose. She seems to get some satisfaction from helping with the cleanup.


I am in front of a much too large Christmas tree, trying to put together another Frog Tale.. Its been nearly a year since the last one.


Not like nothing interesting has happened.  Julie got sued by her dentist and got promoted to 4th degree black belt. I made some schmore sticks and went up in a helicopter.

We planted, weeded, and harvested some edible things.

And the Gilson has had more than a few fascinating malfunctions.



Not that I haven’t tried. I have six or seven Tales wandering around the computers & my brain. They just won’t congeal. The harder I try – the less keyboard goes. Frog Tales have become a seagull around my neck. Stories -stories everywhere – but not a word to write.


Like the pressure has become unreal. Wright something funny.  On purpose.  Being funny isn’t fun. It’s a lot like work. 


Frog Tales are another idea that got out of control. 


They started off as simple letters to Justin, trying to maintain some sort of relationship.  Word processing and email made the process easier for me, especially since my spelling is abominable and my handwriting defies analysis.


Ahhhh. Then I discovered that I could cheat. I could cut and paste letters to Justin and use them to fulfill my correspondence obligations to other family members. 


I got lazier and soon was just changing  “Dear Justin” to “TWIMC”


From there it was a short step into syndication.


Not that I feel completely guilt.  I think it would be delightful to be able to send everyone a completely unique analysis of  life at Frogtown. Certainly all our family and friends are unique and deserving of special individual attention.  But that is totally unrealistic.


But so is coming up with something that everyone will find amusing, informative, full of wisdom, and wit. It takes a lot of chutzpa to think that anyone would find them so.


Maybe I should be writing an analysis of the last hour, week, year, decade, century, millennium, megennium…. like the other journalist are doing.


The most significant events at Frogtown:

            We bought it.

We built a house that is the color of the sky.

Niiko came to live with us.

I fixed the Gilson.




Or profitcizing about the coming year, decade, century, millennium, megennium…



We will live happily here a very long time.

            I will write some more Frog Tales

            The Gilson will break  – again





We wish you all the very best in the coming megennium


Love and Peace,


Dave, Julie, Leo, Flannel Dog, Don Gatto Niiko


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